Hallmarks of truly great design come in many forms. Elegance, quality, longevity and attention to detail may indicate good design, but for an object to truly inspire, for it to be truly great, there must be a difference, something unique and innovative that sets it apart from the rest. MODA bathware offers that difference.  


MODA bathware products combine elegant and luxurious Italian design with a cutting-edge, contemporary sensibility. MODA creates beautiful objects which not only look stunning, but retain an unquestionable air of class for decades after their initial installation. With an impressive history of industry innovation and excellence in quality , the name MODA bathware has been synonymous with luxury and elegance for over two decades.


Designed ergonomically to a strict set of unique specifications, MODA bathware creates an unparalleled bathing experience for every individual creating an opulence space. With a wide range of both contemporary and more classically-inspired designs, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your individual interior design purposes.


MODA bath ware has been the first choice for the worlds most luxurious and celebrated hotels for over 15 years, consistently being identified as an industry pioneer in our unrivalled ability to produce luxurious and elegant contemporary designs which stand the test of time . For the highest quality bath ware, the only choice is MODA.