For centuries artists have treasured white marble as the most luxurious and elegant of stones. It–s low refractive index allows light to penetrate the surface, bringing depth and –life– to sculptures. Using exclusive technologies and specialised techniques, Isostone– replicates the base properties of Isotropic Calcite (white marble). Isostone is a carefully mixed composite of limestone (70%) interlaced with complex resins. The result is a solid material, with a smooth and silky matt finish that is every bit as beautiful as sculpted marble.


Weight (kg) 10
Width (mm) 500
Depth (mm) 300
Height (mm) 110
Shipping Weight (kg) 13
Shipping Width (mm) 530
Shipping Depth (mm) 330
Shipping Height (mm) 140
Material Cast Stone
Finish Matt
Warranty Period 10 Years